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Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Because of Eternal Joy

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Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Because of 14 Spiritual Gifts You Already Have

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  • Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Beca...

    11.10.23. When God takes away your health or your security or the life you long for, it feels like you have more reason to grumble than to be thankful. How can you be grateful when so many things go wrong? Today’s message has the apostle Paul’s powerful answer... Transcript:

  • How to Talk About Jesus 101

    11.03.23. If the good news about Jesus is so good, then why don't Christians share more about it? Maybe it's because we feel inadequate and don't know what to say. Or we are terrified of how our friends and family would react. Pastor Mike can relate. And that's why in today's message, he opens up...

  • What if I Don't Understand the Bible?

    10.27.23. The Bible is challenging to read. There are weird words and weird names in it. There’s an Old Testament and a New Testament. There are prophecies and prophets. And if you’re new to the Bible, if you’ve never deeply studied it, it can leave you confused. That's why in this message, Pasto...

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