5. Ten Commandments: My Life With God

5. Ten Commandments: My Life With God

Why does God give us laws? In this first part of the Ten Commandments, Pastor Jeremy teaches us how God's laws give us direction regarding what our life with God should look like and why it should look like that.

5. Ten Commandments: My Life With God
  • 10 Commandments: Intro to God's Laws

    Why would God give us rules and laws, especially if they're hard to follow perfectly? Pastor Jeremy kicks off this new series on the Ten Commandments by teaching why we have God's laws and how to understand them. Spoiler: God's laws are an act of love.

  • 10 Commandments: First Commandment

    It's okay to love the things in our lives. But do we find ourselves loving these things more than God? Pastor Jeremy teaches us about the First Commandment and the dangers of idolatry.

  • 10 Commandments: Second Commandment

    What does it mean not to misuse God's name? Pastor Jeremy teaches us what God wants us to remember about himself and how to put that into practice.

    Welcome to Bible Breath, our Bible basics series where Pastor Jeremy helps us dig into the Word of God to help us catch our breath for whatever's c...

  • 10 Commandments: Third Commandment

    God created us to benefit from rest, not just physical rest but also spiritual rest. And that's what God is telling us with the Third Commandment.