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Time of Grace is an independent, donor-funded ministry that connects people to God’s grace—his love, glory, and power—so they realize the temporary things of life don’t satisfy. What brings satisfaction is knowing that because Jesus lived, died, and rose for all of us, we have access to the eternal God—right now and forever.

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TV Program

Weren't able to catch Pastor Mike's weekly message on TV? No problem! Watch it here!

Grace Talks video devotions

Video devotions on a variety of topics that show you how temporary things don’t satisfy, only Jesus does.

Bible Breath With Pastor Jeremy

Our Bible basics series where Pastor Jeremy helps us dig into the Word of God to help us catch our breath for whatever's coming next.

Evening Encouragements With Pastor Jeremy

After a long day, unwind with these evening devotions from Pastor Jeremy.

Tough Questions With Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike tackles tough questions from viewers like you, hitting upon the topics many are curious about but often don't ask.

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