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  • The World Loves These Types of "Christians"

    Are you the type of Christian that the world doesn't mind putting up with and has even come to love? The world is fond of those who hold close the philosophies of the culture around them but still call themselves Christians. This episode highlights when we mix messages and looks at the dangerous ...

  • Dealing With Unbelieving Loved Ones

    What do you do when someone you love and are close to proclaims that Jesus is not their Savior? This is tough and can weigh down on us. C.L. has struggled with this and has come up with some non-microwaved truths based on God's Word and God's capabilities.

    Matthew 28:19
    Luke 10:16

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: What Are the Threats to My Faith?

    07.07.24. God’s Word doesn't always seem to work in our lives. We share it, read it, and hear it, but it doesn’t seem to change us spiritually. That's because the Word of God, Jesus said, is like a seed—it's packed with potential, but it is also small and vulnerable. How vulnerable? Pastor Mike i...

  • 5. Protection Against Temptation's Heat

    How do we deal with the heat of temptation? Especially when it's a fight against an evil we can hardly comprehend?

  • 3. Does God Even Understand Us?

    Is God just like an "undercover boss"? Or is it actually possible for God to understand what we're dealing with when we're being tempted?

  • 2. Temptation Doesn't Happen Overnight

    Temptation doesn't happen from just a simple flip of a switch. It's a slow build, Pastor Caleb says. But listen to one of the most famous biblical accounts of temptation to know of the hope you have.

  • 1. What Is Temptation?

    How would you define temptation? Pastor Caleb identifies the three forces that tempt us—and where to find strength to combat temptation.

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: When Average Moments Are Okay

    07.12.24. We live in a culture that often says bigger is better, as we easily dismiss the small and mundane as too insignificant to be powerful. But believing this common trope can be spiritually dangerous. Pastor Mike walks us through two of the smallest stories Jesus ever told that give us a re...

  • Once Like That, Always Like That

    Can people truly change? In this episode, we will reflect on how we often perceive others based on outdated impressions and challenge whether these perceptions are accurate reflections of who they are now. The discussion will revolve around the factors that contribute to both positive and negativ...

  • Behind the Series: Jesus' Growth Plan for Me

    Pastor Mike and Amber Albee Swenson give us a preview of the next TV message series, "Jesus' Growth Plan for Me." While discussing Jesus' parables that this series is based on, we also learn of the "mustard seed moments" that changed both Mike's and Amber's lives (both involve their moms), what A...

  • Hannah: Eli's Sons and the Cost of Disobedience

    In the seventh episode of this eight-part series, we'll look at the consequences to Eli and his family because of his sons' sins. What does disobedience cost us?

  • That Ain't Love: Wrestling With Culture, Scripture, and Compassion

    It is a major struggle to balance personal beliefs with societal expectations, particularly regarding “love is love.” This episode challenges the notion of accepting behaviors that contradict biblical teachings, emphasizing the importance of standing firm in one's faith and adhering to the comman...

  • Dirty Bible Words: H-E-L-L

    06.28.24. Hell is a relic from a fear-based, fire-and-brimstone age, a cruel tool used by church authorities to maintain power and control. So why did Jesus himself mention it so much? Why is he the number-one user of the word “hell” in the entire Bible? Why was he unembarrassed to talk about fi...

  • Rejoice in Closed Doors

    When things don't work out, it's easy to fall into despair or wonder if God hears your prayers. We'll look at three accounts in the Bible to see what may be happening when doors are closed.

  • Hannah: The End

    In the eighth and final episode of this series on Hannah and Eli, we'll see how God brought about what he said would happen.

  • Special Episode: Lessons From a Friend Who Is With Jesus

    In the week following a close friend's death, I reflected on the lessons she taught me over the course of our friendship. Those lessons were good reminders for me. Perhaps they will be good reminders, or new lessons, for you too.

  • Is Porn Really That Bad if It's Not Hurting Anyone?

    What makes porn so bad if no one has been hurt by it?

    Pastor Mike mentions the ministry Conquerors through Christ, which helps in the battle against porn addiction. Learn more at

  • What Does God Think of Elon Musk's Goal of Interplanetary Living?

    Elon Musk believes that our time on Earth is ticking down and that we should go to Mars. What does God think of that?

  • Is It a Sin for a Soldier to Kill?

    Is it murder when a soldier kills someone in war? Is that breaking the commandment not to murder?

  • If You're Gay, Are You Meant to Be Entirely Alone?

  • Is Wearing Makeup a Sin?

    Are we altering God's creation of us if we wear makeup to look like something we're not?

  • God Can Use Your Weaknesses

    God can use our weaknesses in ways we can't possibly imagine. Pastor Dave helps us see how.

  • I Can't See God's Good in My Life

    How are you supposed to believe that God works for your good if all you can see is the bad?

  • We Can See Angels

    You may have interacted with angels and didn't even realize it. Pastor Dave explains how that's possible and why that's important.