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  • Do You Love Second-Chance Stories?

    Do you get annoyed when you hear about someone wasting a second or third chance? The Bible is full of second-chance stories. How many chances have you been given? Do you ever worry that you might run out of chances? This episode shows that when God gives second chances, it's different from when w...

  • Child Worship: The New Religion of Our Culture

    Parents love their children so much that at times it becomes a form of worship. If you have a child, plan on having children, or are a son or daughter, then this is a great episode for you. C.L. examines what forms of child worship you may be participating in and helps you understand how to guard...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? The Church's Truth?

    02.16.24 If our hearts can deceive us and the world can mislead us, certainly the church is a good source of truth. Well . . . maybe. Since the hearts of church leaders can be deceived and many people can follow their teaching, how do we know we can trust the church? Pastor Mike explores what we ...

  • Behind the Series: Whose Truth Do I Trust?

    How do we know what's true in today's world? With so many versions of "truth" coming at us, how do we know what to believe?

    Pastor Mike is joined by special guest C.L. Whiteside, host of one of our podcasts, "The Non-Microwaved Truth." Pastor Mike and C.L. give us some context and great discussi...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? Their Truth?

    02.09.24 Think of the top two to three voices that get your attention the most: the cable news networks, talk radio shows, podcasts, friends, family members, pastors, teachers. Now, Pastor Mike challenges, are these voices sources of truth you can trust? How do you know? Pastor Mike looks to the ...

  • Marriage 101: Let's Talk About Sex

    In the fourth and final episode of our marriage series, we'll discuss sex, the role it plays in marriage, God's design for it, and helpful resources and tips if you're struggling in the bedroom.

    Amber also mentions Time of Grace's women's event, "Unbreakable: Finding Strength to Face the Storms...

  • Can You Push the Button?

    If you had the fate of someone's life in your hands or had to make a decision that went against what everyone wanted, could you do it? Making decisions can be draining. Making tough decisions is even more draining. There are some people in the Bible we can definitely learn from when it comes to m...

  • Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don't

    We're talking about all the things Christians rarely talk about with special guest Pastor Mike Novotny, lead speaker for Time of Grace. His new book "Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don't" will challenge you to go where you may not be comfortable going. But no worries! He'll ...

  • Mix Carefully & Beware of the Hijack

    Have you ever heard the phrase "live in the world but don't be of the world"? What does that mean for a Christian? Does this mean you can't celebrate any holidays? Can a Christian still represent God if culture or traditions are mixed in? There are a few things you always need to keep in mind so ...

  • Standing on Business ... For God

    Do you "stand on business" for God? You may be wondering what that even means. But whether you know what it means or not, you are standing for a number of things you may not even be aware of. C.L. discusses why you might want to make sure you are standing for God and what standing for God can do ...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? My Truth?

    02.02.24. “Be true to yourself.” That message is found everywhere in today's culture. Since churches, religions, and families are so obviously flawed, we are taught to turn inward in order to find what is true, beautiful, and right. But how do we sift through the countless and oftentimes conflict...

  • Marriage 101: Grow Together

    In the third episode of our marriage series, we'll discuss the goal of growing together instead of growing apart. This takes concerted effort, but it's not impossible. In fact, it can be fun!

  • Answering Skeptics: Christians Are So Negative

    Why are Christians always talking about hell and death and judgment?

  • Answering Skeptics: Rising From the Dead Is Impossible

    Why should you believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Pastor Dave has six reasons why Jesus' resurrection is historically reliable.

  • Answering Skeptics: Miracles Aren't Possible

    Nature acts uniformly. And since you've never seen a miracle, then miracles aren't possible . . . right?

  • Answering Skeptics: But There Are Hypocrites in the Church

    You might be turned off by the church because you see so many hypocrites. And you'd be right. Because Jesus said there would be hypocrites in the church.

  • Answering Skeptics: Do I Need to Do Good to Get Into Heaven?

    If I'm a good person, shouldn't that be enough for me to get into heaven?

  • What About My Unbelief?

    You know the evidence and believe Jesus is who he said he is. But you still struggle with unbelief . . . Pastor Ben helps you figure out your next steps.

  • Take Jesus on a Test Drive

    Still not sure about Christianity? Take Jesus' words and put them into practice to see for yourself.

  • Which God Is the Right God?

    There are so many religions in our world. How do we know which one is right?

  • Is Christianity Based on Facts?

    Do you need to put aside facts and history to be a Christian?

  • Is There Absolute Truth?

    The onslaught of fake news can turn us into hardened skeptics, especially as we ask: Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

  • Feel the Pressure. Love the Pressure.

    If you're a human being, then there's a great chance you're dealing with some sort of pressure at this moment or will be dealing with pressure in the future. How should you deal with it? Where does it come from? Is there such a thing as "good pressure"? Let's talk about the weird balance that's n...

  • Get Peace at All Times

    Peace isn’t a perfect life. What it is might surprise you. And you can have it at all times.