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  • 1. Do You Feel Vulnerable?

    You're not alone, even when you feel vulnerable.

  • Jesus #nofilter: Connected to Jesus, You Will Grow

    03.15.24 There are three crucial moments in every person's spiritual journey that will test their commitment to Jesus. What do we do when confronted with these crucial moments of confusion, condemnation, and temptation? In one of Jesus' powerful teachings, he reveals himself in a way that tackles...

  • 4. How Not to Quit When Burnt Out

    In the midst of burnout and adversity, it's tempting to quit. But, Pastor Jared says, here's why we keep going.

  • 3. How to Get Rid of Stress

    How do we get rid of stress? Pastor Jared shares some tips, but he also reminds us of this important spiritual truth.

  • 2. What to Do With My Stress?

    Stress or stressor? We may get rid of the stressors in our lives, but, Pastor Jared says, the remaining spiritual stress that we hold on to has consequences. Here's what to remember as we deal with stress.

  • 1. What's the Cure for My Burnout?

    Burnout. Many of us are feeling it these days. So what's the cure for it? Pastor Jared helps us see it's not bath bombs, vacations, or "me time." Instead, he says, here's what God wants you to know when you're at your lowest point.

  • The Lord's Prayer: Forgive Us as We Forgive

    In the sixth episode of this eight-part series, we talk forgiveness. What a joy it is to be forgiven! But how hard it can be to forgive!

  • The Lord's Prayer: Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

    In the fifth episode of this eight-part series, Amber discusses daily bread. What is it, what are we praying for, and what are we praying against in this petition?

  • Christians: Check Your Vision

    In any and every situation, you can seek to find the good or seek to find the bad. Which do you usually default to seeking? As Christians, we want to make sure our vision is not obstructed. If you are on edge or find yourself worrying or anxious about anything, there is a great chance you need to...

  • Don't Forget: You Are a Vessel

    God uses some interesting people and circumstances to share the gospel. Have you ever thought about how he wants to use you to share the Good News? Do you think you're capable of spreading God's Word? Whether or not you think you or someone else is capable of sharing God's Word, this episode look...

  • The Lord's Prayer: Your Will Be Done

    In the fourth episode of this eight-part series, we'll discover what God's good and gracious will is and how Satan and our sinful nature constantly war against doing that will.

  • No One Cares About You?

    Do you feel unimportant? Like a nobody? Like no one cares? Pastor Dave assures you of your worth with this story of Jesus' compassion.

  • Love for Anyone and Everyone

    Are you part of the groups "anyone" and "everyone"? Of course. So what? Pastor Dave explains the significance.

  • Cast Out Your Demons

    What demons have control of you? How can you cast them out?

  • What About My Suffering?

    We come to Jesus with a million wishes. But he doesn't always give us what we think we need.

  • Compassion for the Outcast?

    Do you sometimes feel like an outcast? Your family doesn't understand you. Colleagues look down on you. Others make fun of you. If so, look at how Jesus treated the outcasts of his time—and you'll see a reflection of how he treats you.

  • The Lord's Prayer: The Address

    In the first episode of this eight-part series, Amber discusses God as our Father. What does that title mean, and what benefits are ours because of it?

    Amber also mentions Time of Grace's women's event, "Unbreakable: Finding Strength to Face the Storms." Learn more and register for this event at...

  • Jesus #nofilter: No One Can Keep You Safe Like Jesus

    03.08.24. By calling himself the Good Shepherd, Jesus was calling us sheep. At face value, that isn't exactly a compliment to us. It can be downright offensive. So how and why is Jesus our Good Shepherd, and why does it matter? Pastor Mike continues this series that looks at the offensive, unfilt...

  • Jesus #nofilter: Without Jesus, There's Only Darkness

    03.01.24. What did Jesus mean when he said he was the Light of the world? Pastor Mike continues this series that looks at the offensive, unfiltered, and hard teachings of Jesus. In this message, Pastor Mike unpacks what Jesus taught when he talked about light and darkness and what that means for ...

  • Jesus #nofilter: Why You Need Jesus

    2.23.24. Reading about who Jesus claimed to be and what he said in the Bible can be quite shocking and even offensive. In this first message from the new series about the unfiltered Jesus, Pastor Mike explores two really hard things about Jesus that have not only made people uncomfortable but hav...

  • Conscious Clicking: Rethinking What You Like and Love

    The social media activity and presence of a Christian should look different from the average person's. What made you like or love that post on social media? Are you conscious of what you're showing others through what you favor on social media? Although the Bible never mentions the most popular s...

  • The Lord's Prayer: Your Kingdom Come

    In the third episode of this eight-part series, Amber discusses what God's kingdom is and what our part is in making it come. She discusses God's rule and reign in our hearts and bringing the good news about Jesus to others.

    Amber also mentions Time of Grace's upcoming women's event: "Unbreakab...

  • Who Can I Turn to for Help?

    How many people would it take to give you the help that you need? Pastor Caleb encourages you not to lose sight of the fact that, regardless of the number, there are people who are meant to be around you.

    This week Pastor Caleb helps us get ready for Easter by reflecting on the effects of Easter...

  • What Gives My Life Meaning?

    Are you still trying to find something to give your life meaning and purpose? Don't look for it in success.

    This week Pastor Caleb helps us get ready for Easter by reflecting on the effects of Easter in our lives.