Any Intimacy Left in Your Marriage?

Any Intimacy Left in Your Marriage?

Pastor Jeremy talks us through the complicated issue of rediscovering intimacy in marriage.

Any Intimacy Left in Your Marriage?
  • 1. But I No Longer Feel Anything for My Husband

    What if you no longer feel anything for your husband? Pastor Jeremy says you're actually not that far away from doing something to fix the relationship.

  • 2. But I Don't Physically Desire My Husband

    You and your husband may feel like just coexisting roomates. But, Pastor Jeremy reminds us, there was a reason God created sex (and it wasn't just to procreate). Because you CAN get that spark back into your marriage.

  • 3. But My Husband Doesn't Show Any Interest in Me

    Is it possible this is one of the reasons why your husband is keeping his distance: because he knows he's given you plenty of reasons not to be interested in him?

  • 4. But I Can't Forgive My Husband

    What if you've been hurt in your marriage? How can you move on and grow your intimacy with your husband after the pain he's inflicted?

  • 5. But I Can't See How Our Marriage Can Be Different

    Maybe you don't feel anything for your husband anymore because you never saw how a healthy marriage should look. But, as Pastor Jeremy shares, there is a model marriage in the Bible that we can look to.