Be the One Who Helps

Be the One Who Helps

Pastor Jon encourages us to listen to God's call to be the one to step up.

Be the One Who Helps
  • 1. Who Needs My Help?

    Is there someone in your life who is hurting right now and needs your help? Pastor Jon wants you to be a judge to that person—but not a courtroom judge.

  • 2. God Is Sending ME to Help?

    Do you feel unqualified to help your loved ones in need? Don't let that stop you, Pastor Jon says, because you're actually the perfect person for the job. In fact, you've already been chosen for the job.

  • 3. How Do I Call Out Others to Change?

    Sometimes God has us bring a difficult message that needs to be heard. But, Pastor Jon says, you need to do something yourself first.

  • 4. Being a Friend Can Get Messy

    It can get messy when you follow Jesus and call out your loved ones. But Pastor Jon encourages, don't be afraid of the mess.

  • 5. Don't Count the Cost of Doing Good

    It can be tempting to count the cost of serving and then end up doing nothing. But, Pastor Jon says, remember what the point of serving is.