Burnout at Work

Burnout at Work

Pastor Jared teaches us how to avoid burnout at work.

Burnout at Work
  • 1. Burnout at Work: Where It Starts

    Here's a staggering fact: 76 percent of people experience burnout at work. What can we do when we're starting to burn out on the job? Pastor Jared kicks off the series as he reveals where burnout starts and previews four things to remember in order to avoid burnout at work.

  • 2. Burnout at Work: You Are NOT Your Work

    It's easy to find our identity in our work. But, Pastor Jared warns, that leads to burnout and these two unhealthy consequences. Instead, remember your true identity.

  • 3. Burnout at Work: The Need to Plan for Problems

    How we go about life can contribute to burnout at work. How? Pastor Jared asks: Do we give ourselves enough margin to handle problems?

  • 4. Burnout at Work: What's Your Greater Purpose?

    How do we connect what we're doing at work to something greater? Especially if what we do feels so meaningless and mundane?

  • 5. Burnout at Work: Use Stress Positively

    A little bit of stress is actually good because it helps us grow. But too much of it becomes overwhelming. Strike that balance, Pastor Jared says, by remembering that work is God's gift.