Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief

Pastor Caleb helps us walk through our grief.

Dealing With Grief
  • 1. Grief: Where to Begin?

    The loss of a loved one. The grief is confusing, complicated, and unimaginable. What good can come from grief? Pastor Caleb shares God’s comforting words for those dealing with grief this holiday season.

  • 2. Grief: Taking That First Step Despite the Pain

    Where and how do you take your first steps when dealing with grief? Pastor Caleb encourages you, reminding that when you’re not sure how to even get going, you’re not alone when taking that next step.

  • 3. Grief: What Do I Do With My Anger?

    Anger in the midst of grief is normal. What can you do with all your emotions and feelings? Pastor Caleb takes it one step further and asks: What does God do?

  • 4. Grief: Will I Always Hurt?

    Those in grief often ask if they’re there yet—at the point where the pain of grief will be gone. Pastor Caleb shares the story of Jesus’ own pain and grief as he answers the question, “Am I ever going to get there?”

  • 5. Grief: Here’s One Good Thing From It

    Pastor Caleb shares a touching personal story of the good that can come from grief.