Finding My Significance

Finding My Significance

Pastor Matt walks us through the account of a blind man and Jesus—and how we can use this to find our significance.

Finding My Significance
  • 1. But I Feel Insignificant

    Do you sometimes feel insignificant? If so, it's okay, Pastor Matt says. Because even if you're not noticed, it doesn't mean you're not known.

  • 2. How Do I Know if I'm Significant?

    We all want to be significant. But we often go about it the wrong way, thinking it's about prominence. Instead, Pastor Matt says, it's the opposite of that.

  • 3. Are My Prayers Significant Enough?

    Do you often wonder: Of all the prayers people are praying right now and all the problems people have right now . . . why would God listen to me?

  • 4. Whose Attention Am I Seeking?

    Do you live for the attention and approval of people around you?

  • 5. Miracles and Significance

    Be bold and ask Jesus for a miracle—but not just a miracle that can improve the quality of your life. Pastor Matt says to ask for this kind of miracle instead.