Freedom in Forgiveness

Freedom in Forgiveness

The Bible's teaching on forgiveness must be handled with care so that its power is used to help and not to hurt, draw people closer to God and not push him away. This four-part series explores what biblical forgiveness is, how it works, and why we offer it to one another freely.

Freedom in Forgiveness
  • You Must Forgive EVERY Day || Freedom in Forgiveness

    6.5.22. Where do you start the journey of forgiveness? Is forgiveness a "one and done"? Or is it a process we need to deal with daily? What the Bible has to say about forgiveness is not only helpful and powerful; it's shockingly offensive.

  • When Forgiving Feels Impossible || Freedom in Forgiveness

    6.12.22. Forgiving someone can be one of the hardest things God calls you to do. But how are you expected to do it when it seems impossible? Pastor Mike shows how our relationship with Christ is key in how we behave toward those who have wronged us.

  • I Forgave. Now How Do I Heal? || Freedom in Forgiveness

    6.19.22. Does forgiving someone mean you act like their sin against you never happened? And then even if you forgive, how do you heal? The apostle Paul tells you exactly what you need to do.

  • I Can't Forgive Myself || Freedom in Forgiveness

    6.26.22. What do you do when you can't forgive yourself? Pastor Mike shares three situations when it is especially hard to forgive our own actions—and reveals the two offensive truths about us when we think we can't forgive ourselves.