How to Battle Temptation

How to Battle Temptation

How to Battle Temptation
  • 1. Battling Temptation? You Have an Advantage

    We go toe to toe every day against Satan and his temptations. What can we do as we battle these temptations? Pastor Jeremy reminds us of the one big advantage we have.

  • 2. What Does It Take to Defeat Temptation?

    Are you strong enough to resist temptation? Actually, Pastor Jeremy says, your victory over temptation does NOT depend on the strength of your faith.

  • 3. What Temptation Reveals About You

    Satan's temptations to us are tricky because he takes good things and twists them. How we react reveals a lot about us.

  • 4. Don't Fight Temptation Alone

    Temptation may make you feel like you just can't win, no matter which way you go or how hard you try. But remember that you're not in this fight alone.

  • 5. You Don't Need to Be Afraid of Temptation

    You will continue to go through the reality of battling temptations. And you'll want to seek protection from them. But, Pastor Jeremy reminds us, don't forget about this reality of what's already been done for you.