How to Fight Anxiety

How to Fight Anxiety

Pastor Mike gives us five steps to help us overcome anxiety.

How to Fight Anxiety
  • Fight Anxiety: Step 1

    Is anxiety part of your story? Pastor Mike opens up the Bible and helps us deal with anxiety with this simple first step.

  • Fight Anxiety: Step 2

    When we’re anxious, it’s so easy to think of everything that’s wrong or could go wrong. So then we just flip that thinking. But how? Pastor Mike gives us the second practical step to battling anxiety.

  • Fight Anxiety: Step 3

    Jesus makes an incredible offering to help us battle anxiety. It starts with seeking these two things.

  • Fight Anxiety: Step 4

    In our struggles against anxiety, remember that there is also a spiritual enemy against us. But Pastor Mike encourages us to fight back because we can take the enemy down with one word.

  • Fight Anxiety: Step 5

    When we’re stuck in our own heads with anxiety weighing down our hearts, here is one of the most powerful things we can do.