Jesus' Compassion for Each of Us

Jesus' Compassion for Each of Us

Pastor Dave helps us see just how compassionate Jesus is for each of us.

Jesus' Compassion for Each of Us
  • Compassion for the Outcast?

    Do you sometimes feel like an outcast? Your family doesn't understand you. Colleagues look down on you. Others make fun of you. If so, look at how Jesus treated the outcasts of his time—and you'll see a reflection of how he treats you.

  • What About My Suffering?

    We come to Jesus with a million wishes. But he doesn't always give us what we think we need.

  • Cast Out Your Demons

    What demons have control of you? How can you cast them out?

  • Love for Anyone and Everyone

    Are you part of the groups "anyone" and "everyone"? Of course. So what? Pastor Dave explains the significance.

  • No One Cares About You?

    Do you feel unimportant? Like a nobody? Like no one cares? Pastor Dave assures you of your worth with this story of Jesus' compassion.