Jesus' Growth Plan for Me

Jesus' Growth Plan for Me

In a Pinterest world, we often get warm and fuzzy snippets from Jesus, inspirational quotes that are challenging, offensive, comforting, and bold. This series follows through some of Jesus' most famous stories, verse by verse, completely uncut.

Jesus' Growth Plan for Me
  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: Why I Must Give Up My Treasures

    07.19.24. It's going to cost us to follow Jesus. He was upfront about us needing to give up the things we treasure. But, Jesus also said, joyfully giving up the things we have is possible when we find a superior treasure. Through two short parables Jesus told, Pastor Mike helps us see what this t...

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: What Are the Threats to My Faith?

    07.07.24. God’s Word doesn't always seem to work in our lives. We share it, read it, and hear it, but it doesn’t seem to change us spiritually. That's because the Word of God, Jesus said, is like a seed—it's packed with potential, but it is also small and vulnerable. How vulnerable? Pastor Mike i...

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: When Average Moments Are Okay

    07.12.24. We live in a culture that often says bigger is better, as we easily dismiss the small and mundane as too insignificant to be powerful. But believing this common trope can be spiritually dangerous. Pastor Mike walks us through two of the smallest stories Jesus ever told that give us a re...