Justice Against Evil

Justice Against Evil

Justice Against Evil
  • 1. How Long Must We Wait for Justice?

    Everything else in our world moves at lightning speed. Why is God's justice against evil so slow?

  • 2. Does God Really Use Evil?

    We are so quick to divide the world into good and evil. We're also quick to assume God will do the same thing. Instead, Pastor Jon says, God's doing something seemingly strange with the evil in our world.

  • 3. How Do We Fight Evil?

    Are you type A or type B when it comes to combatting evil? More important, how does God want you to approach evil?

  • 4. This Is Evil's Worst Enemy

    Of course we want to stop evil dead in its tracks. But sometimes, Pastor Jon says, because of the nature of evil, there's a better way to stop it.

  • 5. Evil Has Already Been Defeated?

    If the way God deals with evil is so unbelievable, how are we supposed to believe it?