2. Key Biblical Concepts

2. Key Biblical Concepts

Dive deep into four key biblical concepts that are found throughout the Bible, and how they affect you: sin, grace, faith, and works.

2. Key Biblical Concepts
  • 1. Key Concepts: How Sin Affects Me

    Sin. That's a big, heavy word. It's also important to know what it is as you read and understand the Bible. To kick off this second series of Bible Breath, Pastor Jeremy takes a close look at sin in order to answer these key questions: How did everything get so messed up? Why is everything still ...

  • 2. Key Concepts: How Grace Saves Me

    In the previous video about sin, Pastor Jeremy talked about why and how everything got so messed up. In this video, he reveals God's solution to sin—grace—and how it is good news for everyone.

  • 3. Key Concepts: Why I Need Faith

    Every religion has a component of faith, right? So what makes the Christian faith different? Pastor Jeremy answers that by teaching what faith is, why it's needed, how it works, and how we get it.

  • 4. Key Concepts: Why I Should Do Good Works

    If God's grace—his undeserved love—saves us, then why do we still need to do good works? Pastor Jeremy helps us understand the role of good works in our lives by looking at what good works aren't, what they are, why they're so important, and how we can get better at them.