Knowing My Significance

Knowing My Significance

Pastor Andrew reminds us of how God made each of us significant.

Knowing My Significance
  • Do I Matter?

    When we have moments that make us feel small, as if we're just numbers or faces in the crowd, we often feel like we're not that significant. But Pastor Andrew reminds us: God has something to say about how much we matter.

  • How Does God Measure My Significance?

    We want to do something significant with our lives, but we don't always know how. God doesn't tell us how many hours we should work or what profession we should choose. But what he does tell us is that his way of measuring our significance is the opposite way the world measures significance.

  • What if I Don't Know My Purpose?

    Sometimes we struggle with our purpose in life. What were we put on earth to do? What if it doesn't feel significant enough? Pastor Andrew recently struggled with this question as well, until he remembered this special verse about God and us.

  • I Can Be Significant by . . . Thinking Small?

    Usually when we think of doing something significant, we think of the big and impressive: missionary work overseas, large donations, serving the underserved. But Pastor Andrew encourages us first to think small—because that's what Jesus also said.

  • My Unique Significance

    It's easy for us to get caught up in the comparison game, wishing we had more significant talents, gifts, and roles. But instead of wishing we had others' gifts, Pastor Andrew says, take a look at what special gifts God's already given us.