Life Hurts

Life Hurts

Pastor Jeremy helps us overcome our hurts.

Life Hurts
  • 1. Do You Feel Alone in Your Hurt?

    We live in a hurting world. Pastor Jeremy encourages: whatever your hurts, remember you are never alone.

  • 2. How to See Jesus When We're Hurting

    For those of us who are hurting or who are taking care of those who hurt, through the pain we are reminded Jesus sees us. But, Pastor Jeremy reminds us, take a moment to see Jesus too. Pastor Jeremy helps us do this.

  • 3. Life Hurts. What Does God Expect Me to Do?

    When life hurts, rather than asking what we can expect of God, ask what we should do for God. What does God expect of us when we're hurting?

  • 4. I Can't Save Myself From All This Hurt

    With everything that life throws at us, we are often incapable of saving ourselves. But because of this one important thing we have in common with Jesus, we are saved.

  • 5. Where Is God When I'm Hurting?

    Where in the world is God when we are in pain and hurting? This seemingly minor detail from Jesus on the cross is a stark reminder of how much Jesus feels our pain—and cares for us.