Little Things With Amber Albee Swenson

Little Things With Amber Albee Swenson

Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace writers and bloggers, will help you navigate through some of life’s challenges and struggles by using Scripture and her own experiences of being a mom, wife, speaker, teacher, and forgiven child of God ... Because in God's kingdom, the little things ARE the big things.

Little Things With Amber Albee Swenson
  • The Lord's Prayer: The Address

    In the first episode of this eight-part series, Amber discusses God as our Father. What does that title mean, and what benefits are ours because of it?

    Amber also mentions Time of Grace's women's event, "Unbreakable: Finding Strength to Face the Storms." Learn more and register for this event at...

  • Marriage 101: Let's Talk About Sex

    In the fourth and final episode of our marriage series, we'll discuss sex, the role it plays in marriage, God's design for it, and helpful resources and tips if you're struggling in the bedroom.

    Amber also mentions Time of Grace's women's event, "Unbreakable: Finding Strength to Face the Storms...

  • Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don't

    We're talking about all the things Christians rarely talk about with special guest Pastor Mike Novotny, lead speaker for Time of Grace. His new book "Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don't" will challenge you to go where you may not be comfortable going. But no worries! He'll ...

  • Marriage 101: Grow Together

    In the third episode of our marriage series, we'll discuss the goal of growing together instead of growing apart. This takes concerted effort, but it's not impossible. In fact, it can be fun!

  • Marriage 101: Your Husband Is Not the Enemy!

    In the second episode of our marriage series, we'll talk about the ways we so often get caught up in a crazy cycle of barking orders or demanding things from our spouses. Too often we look at our husbands as enemies instead of our partners—who should be working with us toward the same goals.

  • Marriage 101: Expectations

    In the first episode of this marriage series, we'll discuss how expectations can derail our marriages. Our husbands are not God. They can do a lot, but they can't fill our every need.

  • How to Fight Anxiety With Joy

    Linda Buxa joins me today to talk about her new book on anxiety. She took a different approach for dealing with anxiety than you may be familiar with. We'll get to the bottom of how joy can help us cope.

  • Practical Passages: A Passage for the New Year

    Today we wrap up our series "Practical Passages" with Samuel's farewell advice in 1 Samuel 12:20,24. It's a good message to guide us in 2024 and beyond!

  • Practical Passages: Christmas Hope

    We continue our "Practical Passages" series by looking at Hebrews 4. Jesus came to earth, and that made all the difference. It means we can trust him to be our High Priest.

  • Practical Passages: Moral Integrity

    We continue our series "Practical Passages" by looking at moral integrity, a.k.a. how do you keep your thought life pure and your actions moral while living in a culture that is very different from God's Word?

  • Practical Passages: God's Take on Obedience

  • Practical Passages: Living With Integrity in a World Opposed to God

    We continue our series "Practical Passages" with a look at three passages from the book of Daniel that speak about living with integrity and following God's commands.

  • Practical Passages: Where Does God's Word Fit?

    We are continuing our series, "Practical Passages," with an episode examining a portion of Psalm 119. Psalm 119 is authored by someone who loved God's Word and made it a priority in his life.

  • Practical Passages: Recipe for Peace

    We're starting a new series called "Practical Passages" to examine passages from God's Word that can change our perspective in powerful ways. In this episode we'll look at 1 Peter 3:8-12.

  • Who Am I? You Are the One!

    In the tenth and final episode of the "Who Am I?" series, we will see how important it is to embrace our role as believers. We are the ones who can share Jesus with the world. We are the ones to stand in the gap and pray for nations.

  • Who Am I? You Can Know God

    In the ninth episode of the "Who Am I?" series, we see that God reveals himself to anyone who comes to him with an open heart. Amber will also give lots of resources to help us get to know God better.

  • Who Am I? You Matter!

    In the eighth episode of the "Who Am I?" series, we confront the fear many of us have: What if it doesn't seem that what I am doing impacts the world at all? How do I know God didn't forget to gift me with some special gift to change the world? How can I be sure I matter to God?

    Amber mentions t...

  • Who Am I? You Don't Need More

    In the seventh episode of the "Who Am I?" series, I encourage you to stop waiting till it feels like you have enough: money, strength, education. You may never feel you have enough, so do hard things now with what you have.

  • Who Am I? With God You Are Strong Enough

    In the sixth episode of the "Who Am I?" series, we explore how often we talk ourselves out of things because they are hard. The Bible shows us that God works mightily despite our weaknesses.

  • Who Am I? You Are Forgiven

    In the fifth episode of the "Who Am I?" series, we take a look at shame. Left unchecked, shame can keep us paralyzed and not fully understanding the grace that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provide. Instead of drowning in shame, bask in your identity as a forgiven child of God.

  • Who Am I? You Are Not Broken

    In the fourth episode of our "Who Am I?" series, we look at the problem with identifying as broken. Whatever scars you or I have from past or present hurts, God's Word shows us examples and passages that prove he is for us and totally capable of putting us back together.

  • Who Am I? You Are Not What You Do or Have Done

    In the third episode of our "Who Am I?" series, we'll look at achievements. It can be tempting to base our identity on our achievements, or lack thereof. The truth, of course, is that achievements are wonderful but fleeting, and not accomplishing something of worldly value doesn't mean we're wort...

  • Who Am I? Don't Base Your Worth on the Wrong Words

    Are you prone to thinking things like, "You are so stupid" or, "You don't matter"? What do the people around you say about how you live? As Christians, we live counter to culture, so we need to make sure our identity is based solely on God's words alone. We also need to learn to tell Satan to shu...

  • Who Am I? Body Image

    The statistics on women and body image are alarming, and having a positive self-image doesn't get easier with age. We'll have a candid conversation about who we are in Christ to combat the idealized worldly version of a woman that most of us will never be.