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  • Beyond Comics & TV… This Is Real & Better

    Who doesn’t love a good movie, TV show, or book? It’s entertaining, it keeps our attention, and it oftentimes gets us to place ourselves in a character’s position. The Bible has this same effect (if you actually read it). The book of Judges is one of those books of the Bible you may not be very f...

  • Joy in Hardship: A Conversation With Sharon Buck

    Sharon Buck was looking to stay at home with her children. So with her mom's encouragement, she started selling makeup even though she didn't wear it! God opened some big doors for her. But her life was not without hardship. Her son, Russ, went to be with Jesus while he was serving in the Coast G...

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: Why I Must Give Up My Treasures

    07.19.24. It's going to cost us to follow Jesus. He was upfront about us needing to give up the things we treasure. But, Jesus also said, joyfully giving up the things we have is possible when we find a superior treasure. Through two short parables Jesus told, Pastor Mike helps us see what this t...

  • The Fight Against Temptation

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    Pastor Caleb looks at temptation and our battle against it.

  • The World Loves These Types of "Christians"

    Are you the type of Christian that the world doesn't mind putting up with and has even come to love? The world is fond of those who hold close the philosophies of the culture around them but still call themselves Christians. This episode highlights when we mix messages and looks at the dangerous ...

  • 3. Resist Revenge

    The world will attack us with evil. But we don’t overcome evil with revenge and more evil. Instead, Pastor Jon says, we follow Jesus’ example of how to overcome evil.

  • 2. It’s Hard to Follow God’s Demands

    Sometimes we feel like failures because we break the rules God has given us. We can’t follow God perfectly. But that’s why, Pastor Jon says, we look at who God sent us.

  • 1. The Little Things You Do Matter

    You—yes, YOU—are the answer to someone’s prayer. Pastor Jon uses the story of Samson (and another baby from the Bible) to remind us that God uses us, no matter how small we think we are, to bless others.

  • Rejoice in Closed Doors

    When things don't work out, it's easy to fall into despair or wonder if God hears your prayers. We'll look at three accounts in the Bible to see what may be happening when doors are closed.

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: When Average Moments Are Okay

    07.12.24. We live in a culture that often says bigger is better, as we easily dismiss the small and mundane as too insignificant to be powerful. But believing this common trope can be spiritually dangerous. Pastor Mike walks us through two of the smallest stories Jesus ever told that give us a re...

  • Behind the Series: Jesus' Growth Plan for Me

    Pastor Mike and Amber Albee Swenson give us a preview of the next TV message series, "Jesus' Growth Plan for Me." While discussing Jesus' parables that this series is based on, we also learn of the "mustard seed moments" that changed both Mike's and Amber's lives (both involve their moms), what A...