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  • Dirty Bible Words: The S-Word

    06.14.24. Asking us to submit is seen as the most offensive idea of our day. To submit to political power, the "head of the household," or organized religion betrays America's strongest and highest value of "my truth." But the God of love, law, and order disagrees. He calls us to submit to him, t...

  • Forgiveness

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    In this series, Pastor Dan continues his previous series teaching about the Lord's Prayer—but this time, he focuses only on forgiveness.

  • New Age Golden Calf

    God's Old Testament people, the Israelites, chose to create an idol in the form of a golden calf and worship it. This may sound stupid to us, but at times we are just like the Israelites. History repeats itself all too often. Our culture has made an idol out of having fun and getting lit; the Isr...

  • Dirty Bible Words: The F-Word

    06.07.24. "Forgiveness" might not seem like an offensive word until we think about what it actually means: giving grace to people who deserve only punishment. Culture would prefer to cancel, label, and dismiss the guilty, but God’s f-word interrupts our system of justice and offers the grace of s...

  • Behind the Series: Dirty Bible Words

    "Dirty words" in the Bible? Yes, and you may be surprised what the words are.

    Pastor Mike and Amber Albee Swenson discuss Pastor Mike's new upcoming sermon series, "Dirty Bible Words." They also work into the conversation how Amber may be running for president, how Pastor Mike's love of peach ri...