Moving on From a Regretful Past

Moving on From a Regretful Past

Pastor Ben teaches us how we can move on from the regrets of our past.

Moving on From a Regretful Past
  • Do You Get Stuck in the Past?

    Sometimes we get weighed down by the things that happened in our pasts. But, Pastor Ben encourages us, we don't have an accurate view of everything that happened in the past. And we don't need one.

  • Don't Ignore Your Painful Past

    When we're triggered by our pasts, the shame and guilt can be so overwhelming that we try to stuff those feelings. Pastor Ben says we should instead let those feelings come to the surface.

  • Don't Live in Your Past; Learn From It

    We can be so focused on our pasts—the hurt, pain, or regret—that we find ourselves living in the past and missing out on the present. Instead of living in the past, Pastor Ben reminds us how we can learn from it.

  • You Can't Make Up for Your Past

    There's nothing we can do to make up for our past mistakes. We can't buy forgiveness from another person or from God. But the good news is, Pastor Ben says, we don't have to.

  • You Can't Change Your Past—And That's Okay

    We look back on our pasts and wish we could travel back to fix things. But Pastor Ben says we don't need to feel regret because our past experiences, even the painful ones, can be used for good.