Prayer: Powerful and Effective

Prayer: Powerful and Effective

Pastor Jeremy teaches us how our prayers can be powerful and effective.

Prayer: Powerful and Effective
  • In Times of Trouble, Simply Pray

    We will have trouble in this world. But the Bible tells us exactly what we should do when life is troubling. Pray. And here’s why.

  • Prayer Is a Difference-Maker

    Even when we’re down, alone, and discouraged, we need to pray—because prayer is a powerful difference-maker.

  • Avoid Praying Prayers God Doesn’t Answer

    There are two prayers God doesn’t answer. Pastor Jeremy walks us through how we can avoid these two types of prayers.

  • How Our Prayers Are Effective

    There are certain people God won’t trust with the resources of heaven. Here's why God trusts you.

  • Is God Even Hearing My Prayers?

    What if we keep praying over and over and it feels like God isn’t responding? If we feel like giving up, Pastor Jeremy says don’t—because Jesus said there is always one better option than just giving up.