Screens & Souls

Screens & Souls

The average person on planet Earth spends seven hours staring at a screen each day. That means that most living humans use devices more than they eat and play and almost as much as they work and sleep. What effect do our digital habits have on our souls? What wisdom guides us as we seek to leverage advances in technology without compromising our connection to God? This series thinks critically about our spiritual lives in this screen-filled age.

Screens & Souls
  • Screens & Souls: The Blessings

    10.6.23. Love them or hate them, screens are undeniably a part of our daily lives. Whether it's social media, instant messages, FaceTiming, or streaming videos, this modern age sees us more digitally connected than ever. Which leads us to the big question: Is all this screen time a blessing or a ...

  • Screens & Souls: The Boundaries

    10.20.23. What can help determine if screens are a blessing or a bad thing? The answer, Pastor Mike says, is if we set boundaries. Pastor Mike gets super practical in this message by applying some biblical wisdom to our modern digital lives and gives us five suggestions to help us develop good bo...

  • Screens & Souls: The Bad

    10.13.23. Screens are a double-edged sword. On one side are the blessings. And, unfortunately, on the other side are the bad things. Pastor Mike explores the negative effects of screens by challenging us with three big questions concerning the most important areas of our lives: our families, our ...