The 4 Loves in Your Life

The 4 Loves in Your Life

Pastor Phil walks us through what love is by looking at the four loves—and how we can show these loves to those around us.

The 4 Loves in Your Life
  • 1. What Is Love? Here's Where to Find It

    What is love? Is it a feeling or emotion? Is it an action? Is it something you need to find or something you need to do? Pastor Phil takes us back to the source.

  • 2. 4 Loves in Your Life: Family Love

    Who are the people in your life who have shown you a special, familylike love? Pastor Phil flips that thought and asks, Who have you shown that love to?

  • 3. 4 Loves in Your Life: Friendship Love

    The love between friends is a side-by-side love between "naked personalities." Pastor Phil helps us see who are our real friends, pointing us back to our ultimate Friend.

  • 4. 4 Loves in Your Life: Passionate Love

    Physical and sexual love in and of itself is a blessing and what makes us uniquely human. But, Pastor Phil warns, the abuse of this kind of love is one of the devil's oldest tricks. This abuse is one of the biggest fundamental problems of our culture.

  • 5. 4 Loves in Your Life: Unconditional Love

    Here's where to look for the epitome of what real, true love is. When we understand this, it is what shapes us to show love to one another.