The End Times

The End Times

Pastor Mike helps us to gain perspective on the end times.

The End Times
  • 1. Are the End Times Real?

    What do you believe about the end times? Why is it so easy for people to believe our world could end because of a global pandemic, climate change, or nuclear war—but not believe that Jesus will appear in the air and the world will end?

  • 2. Why Hasn’t Jesus Ended the Suffering Yet?

    If Jesus loves us and is supposed to come back, ending the pain and suffering of our world—kids get cancer, loved ones go through depression, spouses are betrayed, natural disasters cause destruction—why hasn’t he done it yet?

  • 3. Does the Bible Reveal Jesus’ Return?

    The Bible makes it clear Jesus WILL return. But can we figure out when that day will be? Pastor Mike shares a story from his past that gives us the proper perspective.

  • 4. Jesus Will Return. So What?

    Knowing that Jesus will come back one day, how should we live our lives? Everything’s going to end anyway, right?

  • 5. What Will Forever Be Like?

    After Jesus comes back and judges all humanity, the minute after that’s over, what will it be like?