The Good God Brings From the Bad

The Good God Brings From the Bad

Pastor Matt helps us see how God brings good out of the bad things in life.

The Good God Brings From the Bad
  • 1. God Promises Good Even When There's Bad

    God says he works for our good. What if we're having a really hard time believing that right now, especially during these times of hard financial situations, grief, broken relationships, and failing health?

  • 2. The Kind of Good God Guarantees

    If we think about it, all our problems are "first world problems." Because when Jesus came, it was for our "second world problems." Pastor Matt explains what that means as he also shares how Jesus continues to work for our good today.

  • 3. Why God Allows Bad Things in Our Lives

    The hardships in our lives sometimes make us feel like God is punishing us. No, Pastor Matt says, these hardships are because God loves us so much.

  • 4. Where to Turn in Times of Trouble

    What's your default switch when trying to handle life's challenges? What do you do when that switch stops working?

  • 5. "Where's the Good in This for Me?"

    If God promises all things will work out for good, do you find yourself asking, "Where's the good in this FOR ME?" Well, Pastor Matt says, it's not about you.