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Fueling on Feelings

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They Want You to Keep It on the Low

The Nonmicrowaved Truth With C.L. Whiteside

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  • Fueling on Feelings

    Being fueled by our feelings can lead us astray. Feelings are a part of life, and it's beneficial to be in tune with them properly. But for Christians, there is something we can be inspired by that is more trustworthy than our feelings. This episode examines how Jesus dealt with situations that w...

  • Oh, So That's What You Calling It

    The world has changed the name of certain sins to try and make them seem like they are not sins. Switching names is a tactic used to confuse and manipulate people to act a certain way. Watch what others try to call those who want to represent Christian living. Even Jesus had to deal with people t...

  • Get in the Good Book

    The most important book a person can read is the Bible. There are some major reasons why people should read scripture and not just be content with letting someone else tell them what the Bible actually says. There are some places anyone can start when it comes to reading the Bible. And even if yo...