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Make Sure This Is Good and It Stays Good

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  • Make Sure This Is Good and It Stays Good

    Are you constantly chasing career advancements at the expense of your foundational values? In this episode, C.L. will use biblical wisdom to explore the dangers of neglecting certain relationships, faith, and personal integrity in the pursuit of success. Listen in as he uncovers the keys to achie...

  • Coaching as a Christian

    This episode dives into the intricate world of coaching through a Christian lens. Whether you're an experienced and confident coach or someone who is considering stepping into a role like this, this episode offers invaluable insights to coaching up people and aiming to win spiritually.


  • You Need to Hear This Every Day

    What people feel, perceive, or envision has so much to do with the messages they hear. There are some messages we hear every day that we aren't even conscious of but can be chalked up to the culture we live in. A lot of those messages are questionable. But there is one message you should hear eve...