The Source of My Strengths

The Source of My Strengths

The Source of My Strengths
  • 1. The Little Things You Do Matter

    You—yes, YOU—are the answer to someone’s prayer. Pastor Jon uses the story of Samson (and another baby from the Bible) to remind us that God uses us, no matter how small we think we are, to bless others.

  • 2. It’s Hard to Follow God’s Demands

    Sometimes we feel like failures because we break the rules God has given us. We can’t follow God perfectly. But that’s why, Pastor Jon says, we look at who God sent us.

  • 3. Resist Revenge

    The world will attack us with evil. But we don’t overcome evil with revenge and more evil. Instead, Pastor Jon says, we follow Jesus’ example of how to overcome evil.

  • 4. What Is Your Great Strength?

    You may not think you are doing anything great, but Pastor Jon’s encouragement of what your great strength is may surprise you.

  • 5. Stop Tempting Temptation

    So often we find ourselves in situations where we tempt temptation and end up compromising ourselves in sin. Despite our mistakes though, Pastor Jon reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus.