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30-minute study of God’s Word with Pastor Mike. See how you have full access to God—right now!

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  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home: What if There Was an Affair?, Part 2

    09.22.23. Part 2 of 2. What do you do when your spouse broke your vows and your heart? Or if you were the one who ignored God’s voice and betrayed? How do couples recover from the pain, the shame, and the regret? Is there any hope after an affair? We live in a culture where one in five husbands w...

  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home: What if There Was an Affair?, Part 1

    09.15.23. Part 1 of 2. What do you do when your spouse broke your vows and your heart? Or if you were the one who ignored God’s voice and betrayed? How do couples recover from the pain, the shame, and the regret? Is there any hope after an affair? We live in a culture where one in five husbands w...

  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home: Living Together Before Marriage?

    09.08.23. Is it okay if couples—who aren't married but love one another—live together? In our 21st-century culture, it's not unusual for couples to look for certainty in compatibility by living together first; not to mention doing so also saves on rent, bills, and expenses. But what does God say?...

  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home: What Makes Marriage Work?

    09.01.23. God wants to see us happy in our marriages, so he gives us guidance through the Bible: Husbands must love their wives and be devoted to them. Wives must respect and submit to their husbands. And yet, despite God's instructions, happy homes and marriages are the exception, not the norm. ...

  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home

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    We all know the importance of a happy home. You can have good grades, a good job, and make good money, but an unhappy home makes for an unhappy life. Conversely, a happy home is a refuge when everythng else in life seems to fall apart. So how do we come home to homes like that? What guidance and ...

  • What Is Love?

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    Why is there so much hatred in the world? If most everyone agrees that we should love one another, why is love such a rare species? And why do some people call hate what others think is love? This four-part series explores, from a biblical perspective, what love and hate mean, what God loves and ...

  • Abuse: What Does God Say?

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    Despite the shocking statistics, the topic of abuse is rarely touched in the Christian community. What does God say about abuse? What does God think about abuse? What does God say to a church filled with unspoken trauma and deep wounds? In this three-part series, Pastor Mike takes on this issue f...

  • What's the Point?

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    Sometimes we look at our life situations and wonder, "What's the point?" It can be hard to see purpose through the daily grind and struggle, leading us to wonder if God is even present in our lives. Yet through the book of Esther—a book of the Bible that does not even mention God's name—Pastor Mi...

  • Trends vs. Truth

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    Be you. Love is love. Do not judge. Repetition has a way of making things sound true, but what's trending isn't always entirely true. This five-part series looks at some of the most common phrases used in modern culture and holds them up to the light of God's Word to see what is God-approved and ...

  • Hard Words, Loving Truths

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    Jesus' half brother Jude lived long enough to see the early Christian church face some tremendous challenges from within and from without. Driven by love, Jude wrote a short letter packed with tough love and tender compassion, a letter that God wants us to read today. In the 21st century, Jesus' ...

  • Don't Miss Moments

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    There are moments in all our lives that are essential to understanding who we are. That was true for Jesus too. His baptism, temptation, transfiguration, and resurrection are just a few of the moments that compel us to worship him as Savior and King.

  • Do We Compromise Sexual Morality?

    3.3.23. Churches today face the temptation of believing they are faithful while subtly compromising their values, especially when it comes to biblical sexual morality. It's an uncomfortable topic that needs to be addressed, Pastor Mike says, in order to enjoy God's gift of sex, to understand the ...

  • ME on Team Jesus?

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    When you consider that Jesus could have picked anyone to be on his team of disciples/friends, the people you see closest to our Savior are stunning. This series reminds us that Jesus truly wants all people to know him, follow him, and spend forever with him, including you!

  • What Was I Thinking?

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    We all think all the time. Each of us thinks something about God, about ourselves, about life, about challenges, about blessings, etc. Yet not every thought is full of truth (or love). This four-part series helps us rethink about our thinking, which allows us to get back to what is biblical, beau...

  • Christmas Stress

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  • How Do I Fix My Relationship With God?

    11.27.22. Most religions teach that if we mess up a relationship with the divine, we have to fix it. If our karma is bad or our scale shows more bad deeds than good or if we've broken a few too many commandments, we'd better make up for it. And that's what makes Christianity different: God reconc...

  • Am I Worthy of Thanks?

    11.20.22. It's not unusual to wonder if we're significant, if we've really made a difference in other people's lives. We often feel that way because we're not where we think we should be in life. But, as Pastor Jeremy reminds us, we actually are exactly where God wants us to be. In this Thanksgiv...

  • The Miracle and Message of Music

    11.13.22. What kind of connection is there between God and music? We often take music for granted but, Pastor Mike reminds us, it is a miracle that the Bible has so much to say about. Pastor Mike covers two big ideas that attest to the power of God and music. ... Transcript:

  • How Can I Resist Temptation?

    11.6.22. So much of life hinges on this single thing we call self-control—because there are so many temptations that can overcome us. So how do we get more self-control? Pastor Mike zeroes in on two big ways that God helps us have more self-control. ... Transcript:

  • Seriously, God?

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    This two-word question has been asked by believers, former believers, and never believers, calling into question the goodness and very existence of God. Even committed Christians wrestle with God’s plan for their lives when pain, confusion, and grief interrupt their personal plans for the future....

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me

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    In a Pinterest world, we often get warm and fuzzy snippets from Jesus, inspirational quotes that are challenging, offensive, comforting, and bold. This series follows through some of Jesus' most famous stories, verse by verse, completely uncut.

  • Help Me Have More . . .

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    In a world that feels increasingly unsettled and angry, T-shirts and social media posts encourage us all to “be kind” or “choose kindness.” The Bible not only agrees with that message but adds, “Be joyful, peaceful, patient, and self-controlled.” However, God does not leave us with a simple comma...

  • Skeptical Faith

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    In the swirl of ideas, beliefs, and questions of the internet age, Christians are often challenged for their faith. This five-part series uses a crash course on apologetics to equip Christians to hold on to and share their faith with the skeptics in their lives, including the one in their own hea...

  • Freedom in Forgiveness

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    The Bible's teaching on forgiveness must be handled with care so that its power is used to help and not to hurt, draw people closer to God and not push him away. This four-part series explores what biblical forgiveness is, how it works, and why we offer it to one another freely.