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30-minute study of God’s Word with Pastor Mike. See how you have full access to God—right now!

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  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: What Are the Threats to My Faith?

    07.07.24. God’s Word doesn't always seem to work in our lives. We share it, read it, and hear it, but it doesn’t seem to change us spiritually. That's because the Word of God, Jesus said, is like a seed—it's packed with potential, but it is also small and vulnerable. How vulnerable? Pastor Mike i...

  • Jesus' Growth Plan for Me: When Average Moments Are Okay

    07.12.24. We live in a culture that often says bigger is better, as we easily dismiss the small and mundane as too insignificant to be powerful. But believing this common trope can be spiritually dangerous. Pastor Mike walks us through two of the smallest stories Jesus ever told that give us a re...

  • Dirty Bible Words

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    Some words are inappropriate for public use. That's what we were taught as kids about the f-word, the s-word, the d-word, and others. Modern culture has its own list of dirty words, which the Bible is unashamed to say and say loudly. This series speaks those words—forgiveness, submission, doctrin...

  • Seriously, God?

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    This two-word question has been asked by believers, former believers, and never believers, calling into question the goodness and very existence of God. Even committed Christians wrestle with God’s plan for their lives when pain, confusion, and grief interrupt their personal plans for the future....

  • Forgotten Blessings

    04.26.24 How blessed we feel may depend on what we consider to be blessings, which means we may forget that we have blessings right in front of us every day. Pastor Mike challenges us to shift our mindset and open our eyes to the really good things from God that we often don't think about. In tur...

  • Burned Out?

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  • Jesus #no filter

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  • Whose Truth Do I Trust?

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    Out of the millions of conflicting mesages that we absorb from our feelings, our parents, our friends, our culture, our media, and our churches, each of us will accept some things as true while rejecting other things as false. But how do we know if we believe the truth? In a world where billions ...

  • How to Deal

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    If this year is anything like last year, we are going to have a lot to deal with. The next 12 months will confront us, surprise us, challenge us, tempt us, bless us, and make us want to stay home and watch Netflix until Jesus returns. But God has a mission for us to go out into a messy world with...

  • Tackling Tough Topics

    12.29.23. Are there questions you'd love to ask your pastor but feel uncomfortable doing it? Are there topics you'd like to hear more about but are afraid to approach at church? This special episode of "Time of Grace" is full of curious questions from church members directed at Pastor Mike. What ...

  • Is Christ in Your Christmas Carols?

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    Christmas is a time when music is everywhere (and we notice it). While Jesus' birth might have been a silent night, it hasn't been so recently. Yet Christmas music often offers us much more than nostalgia and fuzzy feelings; in its lyrics we find a God so good that he came down from glory, took o...

  • Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling

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    We live in a culture big on grumbling and small in gratitude. There is always something to lament on the news or vent about in our lives, a "thanks for nothing" spirit in our hearts. Yet, in the midst of our imperfect world, God is showering us with blessings, from daily bread to eternal salvatio...

  • How to Talk About Jesus 101

    11.03.23. If the good news about Jesus is so good, then why don't Christians share more about it? Maybe it's because we feel inadequate and don't know what to say. Or we are terrified of how our friends and family would react. Pastor Mike can relate. And that's why in today's message, he opens up...

  • What if I Don't Understand the Bible?

    10.27.23. The Bible is challenging to read. There are weird words and weird names in it. There’s an Old Testament and a New Testament. There are prophecies and prophets. And if you’re new to the Bible, if you’ve never deeply studied it, it can leave you confused. That's why in this message, Pasto...

  • Screens & Souls

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    The average person on planet Earth spends seven hours staring at a screen each day. That means that most living humans use devices more than they eat and play and almost as much as they work and sleep. What effect do our digital habits have on our souls? What wisdom guides us as we seek to levera...

  • God's Blueprint for a Happy Home

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    We all know the importance of a happy home. You can have good grades, a good job, and make good money, but an unhappy home makes for an unhappy life. Conversely, a happy home is a refuge when everythng else in life seems to fall apart. So how do we come home to homes like that? What guidance and ...

  • What Is Love?

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    Why is there so much hatred in the world? If most everyone agrees that we should love one another, why is love such a rare species? And why do some people call hate what others think is love? This four-part series explores, from a biblical perspective, what love and hate mean, what God loves and ...

  • Abuse: What Does God Say?

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    Despite the shocking statistics, the topic of abuse is rarely touched in the Christian community. What does God say about abuse? What does God think about abuse? What does God say to a church filled with unspoken trauma and deep wounds? In this three-part series, Pastor Mike takes on this issue f...

  • What's the Point?

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    Sometimes we look at our life situations and wonder, "What's the point?" It can be hard to see purpose through the daily grind and struggle, leading us to wonder if God is even present in our lives. Yet through the book of Esther—a book of the Bible that does not even mention God's name—Pastor Mi...

  • Trends vs. Truth

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    Be you. Love is love. Do not judge. Repetition has a way of making things sound true, but what's trending isn't always entirely true. This five-part series looks at some of the most common phrases used in modern culture and holds them up to the light of God's Word to see what is God-approved and ...

  • Hard Words, Loving Truths

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    Jesus' half brother Jude lived long enough to see the early Christian church face some tremendous challenges from within and from without. Driven by love, Jude wrote a short letter packed with tough love and tender compassion, a letter that God wants us to read today. In the 21st century, Jesus' ...

  • Don't Miss Moments

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    There are moments in all our lives that are essential to understanding who we are. That was true for Jesus too. His baptism, temptation, transfiguration, and resurrection are just a few of the moments that compel us to worship him as Savior and King.

  • Do We Compromise Sexual Morality?

    3.3.23. Churches today face the temptation of believing they are faithful while subtly compromising their values, especially when it comes to biblical sexual morality. It's an uncomfortable topic that needs to be addressed, Pastor Mike says, in order to enjoy God's gift of sex, to understand the ...

  • ME on Team Jesus?

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    When you consider that Jesus could have picked anyone to be on his team of disciples/friends, the people you see closest to our Savior are stunning. This series reminds us that Jesus truly wants all people to know him, follow him, and spend forever with him, including you!