Whose Truth Do I Trust?

Whose Truth Do I Trust?

Out of the millions of conflicting mesages that we absorb from our feelings, our parents, our friends, our culture, our media, and our churches, each of us will accept some things as true while rejecting other things as false. But how do we know if we believe the truth? In a world where billions of people believe millions of things, how do we know if our beliefs line up with truth? This series explores the Bible's answers to those essential questions.

Whose Truth Do I Trust?
  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? The Church's Truth?

    02.16.24 If our hearts can deceive us and the world can mislead us, certainly the church is a good source of truth. Well . . . maybe. Since the hearts of church leaders can be deceived and many people can follow their teaching, how do we know we can trust the church? Pastor Mike explores what we ...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? Their Truth?

    02.09.24 Think of the top two to three voices that get your attention the most: the cable news networks, talk radio shows, podcasts, friends, family members, pastors, teachers. Now, Pastor Mike challenges, are these voices sources of truth you can trust? How do you know? Pastor Mike looks to the ...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? My Truth?

    02.02.24. “Be true to yourself.” That message is found everywhere in today's culture. Since churches, religions, and families are so obviously flawed, we are taught to turn inward in order to find what is true, beautiful, and right. But how do we sift through the countless and oftentimes conflict...