Why You Matter

Why You Matter

Pastor Phil encourages us with why we matter.

Why You Matter
  • Do You Know What the Future Holds for You?

    What is there to look forward to when it feels like life has passed us by? Pastor Phil says God promises us there's plenty to be excited about.

  • Do You Realize Your Purpose for Others?

    Even if we think there's not much value in the everyday things we do, Pastor Phil reminds us that God is working through us to serve other people.

  • Do You Know Your Purpose?

    It can be hard trying to figure out our purpose in life. But, Pastor Phil says, when we remember what Jesus did, it totally changes how we view the purpose of our lives.

  • Do You Feel Unworthy?

    Do your past mistakes still haunt you so much that the guilt feels unbearable and you feel unworthy? Pastor Phil reminds us why, regardless of what we did, our lives have worth.

  • Do You Think Your Life Doesn't Matter?

    If you're struggling right now and wonder if you even matter, Pastor Phil wants to tell you there's no doubt that YES, you do matter. It starts with going back to what God says and did.