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Behind the Series: What's the Point?

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Am I Single Because There's Something Wrong With Me?


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  • Behind the Series: What's the Point?

    Combine palace intrigue with wondering about purpose and seeing how God works in unexpected ways—that's the book of Esther.

    Pastor Mike's new sermon series is a six-part look at the book of Esther. He is joined by Amber Albee Swenson as they give us a preview of this new series, "What's the Poi...

  • The Most Famous Person Ever

    The most famous people in our world today don't compare to the most famous person of all time. Who is the most famous person of all time and why? He's not just someone Christians think of. Even other big-time influencers can't deny his impact and influence. See what the most famous person ever of...

  • In-the-Closet Christian

    In today's world, should we be quiet about our allegiance to Christ? Is it easy for others to see that we are followers of Jesus? Some of us are quiet about being Christian—we're "in-the-closet Christians" because we don't want to "offend" anyone or be canceled, even though we may say or think we...

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