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Why Are We So Difficult to One Another?

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Are YOU Being Difficult?


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  • Why Are We So Difficult to One Another?

    God created us to be different so we would complement one another. Instead, we now compete with our differences. What happened?

  • Don't Fall Under the Spell

    There are some "harmless fun" philosophies that Christians should beware of—because they try to put us under a spell. Do you know your Zodiac sign? Are you superstitious? Do you know what or whom you're worshiping? Let's make sure we aren't under any spells and know how to avoid them altogether. ...

  • Marriage 101: Your Husband Is Not the...

    In the second episode of our marriage series, we'll talk about the ways we so often get caught up in a crazy cycle of barking orders or demanding things from our spouses. Too often we look at our husbands as enemies instead of our partners—who should be working with us toward the same goals.