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Be Kind to Yourself: Stop the Negative Thoughts


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  • Build-a-God

    "Build it how you want" is something we strive to do in our culture. We even use this philosophy with whom we worship and trust. But building a god doesn't make our lives better; it only rejects the God who cares and has sacrificed for us like no other.

    1 Corinthians 8
    Psalm 5:4

  • Abuse: What Does God Say? To the Abusive

    07.21.23. What does God say to those who have hurt others? Can we, like Jesus, be full of both grace and truth to the abusive? Pastor Mike talks about how abusers can move forward—beyond God's wrath—to a healing and hopeful relationship with God and the church... Transcript:

  • Abuse: What Does God Say? To the Abused

    07.14.21. Despite the alarming statistics, the topic of abuse is rarely touched in the Christian community. What does God say about abuse? What does God think about abuse? What does God say to a church filled with unspoken trauma and deep wounds?... Transcript: