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Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Because of 14 Spiritual Gifts You Alrea...

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Behind the Series: Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling


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    11.17.23. If you struggle with gratitude, Pastor Mike says to read and chew on this 202-word sentence from the apostle Paul. Because it will remind you that you already have everything... Transcript:

  • Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Beca...

    11.10.23. When God takes away your health or your security or the life you long for, it feels like you have more reason to grumble than to be thankful. How can you be grateful when so many things go wrong? Today’s message has the apostle Paul’s powerful answer... Transcript:

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    What is there to look forward to when it feels like life has passed us by? Pastor Phil says God promises us there's plenty to be excited about.

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