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Self-Analyze Your Spirit

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Dirty Bible Words: The F-Word


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  • Self-Analyze Your Spirit

    People are told to be self-aware of their thoughts and feelings. There is an even deeper self-analyzation that can take place though: self-analyzing one's spirit. Never underestimate the importance of regular self-examination, questioning one's motives, sins, and being real on where your relation...

  • Seriously, God? God's Nonanswer Is th...

    06.02.24. At the very end of the book of Job, God shows up to talk to Job, who needed an answer to why he had to suffer and endure such unfathomable pain. But spoiler alert: Job never gets an answer. That's because, Pastor Mike says, we need to remember who we are and who God is. . . Transcript: ...

  • Hannah: Her Song, My Song

    In the fourth episode of this eight-part series we'll examine the song Hannah's sang after giving her child to the Lord. This amazing woman of faith has a lot to teach us about who God is and how we look at the world.

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