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This Needs to Be on Your To-Do List

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  • This Needs to Be on Your To-Do List

    It's okay to have your to-do list for this busy Christmas season. But don't forget to add "repent" to that list. What exactly does it even mean to repent? Pastor Jon explains.

    Pastor Jon shares with us how John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus—and how we must continue preparing for Jesus t...

  • Are You Prepared Beyond Christmas?

    Even though we may never feel we're completely ready for Christmas, know that God's getting us ready for a day that's much bigger.

  • Is Christ in Your Christmas Carols? "...

    12.22.23. What makes "Joy to the World" a must for every Christmas service even though—spoiler—its writer did not intend for it to be a Christmas song? It has the one thing we all deeply long for: lasting joy. That kind of eternal joy can only be found in one person. Pastor Mike finishes this ser...