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Seriously, God? This Is Why God Lets Me Suffer?

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Seriously, God? I Should Praise God Even Though I'm Hurting?

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    10.2.22. If God has the power to end all our pain and provide answers for all the hurt we've been through, why doesn't he? Why does he let bad things happen to good people? Pastor Mike takes these often-asked questions, flips them, and challenges us to examine our motives: Why do we love God? Or ...

  • How Can I Resist Temptation?

    11.6.22. So much of life hinges on this single thing we call self-control—because there are so many temptations that can overcome us. So how do we get more self-control? Pastor Mike zeroes in on two big ways that God helps us have more self-control. ... Transcript:

  • The Miracle and Message of Music

    11.13.22. What kind of connection is there between God and music? We often take music for granted but, Pastor Mike reminds us, it is a miracle that the Bible has so much to say about. Pastor Mike covers two big ideas that attest to the power of God and music. ... Transcript: