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Mix Carefully & Beware of the Hijack

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Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About but Don't


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  • Mix Carefully & Beware of the Hijack

    Have you ever heard the phrase "live in the world but don't be of the world"? What does that mean for a Christian? Does this mean you can't celebrate any holidays? Can a Christian still represent God if culture or traditions are mixed in? There are a few things you always need to keep in mind so ...

  • Standing on Business ... For God

    Do you "stand on business" for God? You may be wondering what that even means. But whether you know what it means or not, you are standing for a number of things you may not even be aware of. C.L. discusses why you might want to make sure you are standing for God and what standing for God can do ...

  • Whose Truth Do I Trust? My Truth?

    02.02.24. “Be true to yourself.” That message is found everywhere in today's culture. Since churches, religions, and families are so obviously flawed, we are taught to turn inward in order to find what is true, beautiful, and right. But how do we sift through the countless and oftentimes conflict...