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True or False? This Is Prescription, Not Description

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When Guilt Is So Heavy


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    How do you know if something is a description or a prescription? This can be confusing to decipher in the Bible. But believe it or not, most people determine if it's prescription or description based off a lack of understanding or a hope to do something that actually goes against God's Word. The ...

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    05.19.23. "Do not judge" is one of the most quoted passages in modern times. Because, culture tells us, who are we to judge others when we're not perfect either? But, Pastor Mike says, as counterintuitive as it seems, the Bible actually tells us to judge. Pastor Mike walks us through the Bible's ...

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    Now that you know more about God, Jesus, and faith, what do you do next?

    About The Basics:
    Who is God? What is he like? What does he think of you? What exactly was Jesus all about? How do you get “saved”? And what does “getting saved” mean anyway? What can you do if you want to know the answers ...