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How to Deal With Shame

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  • How to Deal With Shame

    01.26.24. Shame is the unshakable feeling that we don’t belong, tempting us to run away from God and his people. Shame can be tied to something done to us, something we have done, or something we have continued to do. As hard as it is to open up about shame, it's even harder to address in the chu...

  • How to Deal With Anxiety

    01.19.2024. One in five adults deals with anxiety, caught in a snowballing avalanche of what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. As we enter another year of uncertainty and alarming headlines, it seems that, more than ever, people are being overcome by anxiety. There isn't a quick solution. But Pastor ...

  • How to Deal With People

    01.12.24 The people in our lives can lead us in different directions, good and bad. There are fools, the wise, and everyone in between. So how do we deal with people? How do we find our people? How do we know whom to trust? And whom to avoid? With the guidance of the wisest man in the ancient wor...