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Check Your Reminiscing and Be Present

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Unapologetically Saved: Exposing the Arrogance Myth

The Nonmicrowaved Truth With C.L. Whiteside • 23m

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  • Check Your Reminiscing and Be Present

    When we drift off and reminisce about our past, we often go back to moments of peak physicality, excitement, and receiving great praise and honor. At times our blasts to the past have us dwelling on past sins and misremembering. In this episode we will explore the ability to remain present and re...

  • Uncompromised Leadership: Calling Out...

    In this episode we'll look at leadership, specifically spiritual leadership and what should be prioritized. The apostle Paul confronted a big-time leader and emphasized the importance of holding leaders accountable. There is an urgency to confronting error within leadership, even when it means ch...

  • Are You Inviting Demons?

    In this episode, C.L. dives into the often overlooked but profound reality of spiritual warfare. You've probably heard or been a part of discussions about bad energy and negativity. However, C.L. asks the more pointed and real underlying question: Are we unknowingly welcoming demons into our live...

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