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Are You Inviting Demons?

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Uncompromised Leadership: Calling Out Missteps for the Sake of Truth

The Nonmicrowaved Truth With C.L. Whiteside • 24m

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  • Are You Inviting Demons?

    In this episode, C.L. dives into the often overlooked but profound reality of spiritual warfare. You've probably heard or been a part of discussions about bad energy and negativity. However, C.L. asks the more pointed and real underlying question: Are we unknowingly welcoming demons into our live...

  • Thomas Moments: Embracing Doubt While...

    Where do we go for answers during periods of doubt? Where we look for answers matters, and sometimes we create more doubt by looking to the wrong places for answers. Thomas, one of the 12 apostles, is known for his doubt. However, there are some very practical themes we can highlight and learn fr...

  • Time Travel Lessons

    Lessons of life are beyond valuable. In this episode, imagine you can time travel to share lessons with yourself or another loved one. The lessons in this episode will help you appreciate some of the things you have held on to dearly, question some philosophies you are living by, and appreciate t...

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