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Grace Talks
  • 2. The Most Important Key to Marriage (and It's Not Just Love)

    There are many keys to marriage. But what's the most important one? Pastor Dave's answer may surprise you.

  • 1. Your Spouse Is a Gift

    God still does the same for us today as he did for Adam and Eve. How so? Pastor Dave explains to kick off this week's series about marriage and love.

  • 3. The Most Important Type of Love

    Do you love with the most important type of love? (Yes, there are different types of love).

  • Making Marriage Successful

    3 items

    Pastor Dave helps us understand what God says about marriage—and in doing so, we will have successful marriages.

  • Divorce and God

    5 items

    Whether you're married, single, separated, or divorced, Pastor Mike's has something for all of us to consider when dealing with the difficult topic of divorce.

  • Answering Skeptics

    15 items

    Pastor Dave looks at questions and objections that people have when it comes to Christianity.

  • Should a Christian Judge Others?

    5 items

    Pastor Jared teaches us about Christians and judging.

  • Make Wise Decisions

    5 items

    Pastor Ben helps us see how we can make wise decisions by first seeking God.

  • Prayer: Powerful and Effective

    5 items

    Pastor Jeremy teaches us how our prayers can be powerful and effective.

  • Don't Lose Heart

    5 items

    Pastor Jeremy teaches us how one simple but profound sentence of 2 Corinthians 4 reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus.

  • The 4 Loves in Your Life

    5 items

    Pastor Phil walks us through what love is by looking at the four loves—and how we can show these loves to those around us.

  • How to Fight Anxiety

    5 items

    Pastor Mike gives us five steps to help us overcome anxiety.

  • Justice Against Evil

    5 items

  • God's Word to Abuse Victims

    5 items

  • Be Kind to Yourself

    5 items

    Pastor Nate encourages us to be kind to ourselves.

  • How Do I Heal From Betrayal?

    4 items

    Pastor Caleb walks us through how we can heal after the betrayal of a good friend.

  • Knowing My Significance

    5 items

    Pastor Andrew reminds us of how God made each of us significant.

  • Find Joy in All Circumstances

    5 items

    Pastor Ben shows us how we can find joy no matter what is happening.

  • Finding Success in Life

    5 items

    Pastor Jared helps us see and understand true success.

  • What Do I Do With My Guilt?

    5 items

    Pastor Caleb looks at case studies of people in the Bible who carried sizable guilt—and what God did for them and wants to do for us as well.

  • How You Can Make an Impact

    5 items

    Pastor Jon shows us how we can make a difference even when it seems the odds are against us.

  • Promises Kept

    5 items

    Pastor Jeremy looks at how God kept his promises and how he can give you strength to keep yours too.

  • Patience

    5 items

    Pastor Matt helps us learn the importance of patience and how to be more patient.

  • No Bones in the Grave

    5 items

    Pastor Dave helps us understand what Jesus' resurrection on Easter means for our lives.